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About Parvin Kaidi

Parvin Kaidi

Parvin - Licenced California Agent

Parvin grew up surrounded by all things Real Estate. Her mother Luz Elena Caballero founded Baja Ocean Realty in La Mision, 

Baja California over 20 years ago and her father is a Commercial Real Estate Broker in the States. She first got her California Real Estate License in 1988. Parvin recalls the many conversations around the dinner table regarding development projects and the intricacies involved in these as well as news about clients and how they grew their portfolios substantially with my parents' help. Conversations always ended with both parents stating how they would prefer Parvin go into Real Estate rather than be responsible for the livelihoods of the hundreds of employees she had at the time. 

After a long tenure as an award winning manufacturing entrepreneur in San Diego, Parvin stayed true to her goal of returning to Real Estate.

Her energetic personality, business savvy and attention to detail make her an excellent choice and client advocate for Real Estate investments and ventures of all types. 

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